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Thank you for visiting Chief and Ruby's site. The litter of 9 is now 8 weeks old. They are so cute and playful, so much fun to watch. If you would want to own 1, or {or 9} of these adorable, majestic little creatures, just fill out the information to the left. 

Feel free to text me, as well. We don't let our puppies go for 8 weeks. This gives them time to be weaned from their mother and eat puppy food, which they are doing now. It also gives them time to have all of their puppy (up to 8 weeks) shots and vaccinations. I will start trying to potty guarantees on that. 

The extra charge on the females is to eliminate having to go back to your breeder 1 or 2 years later if you decide to have puppies. This is all taken care of on the AKC website. I guess it's a competition thing. I don't really think it is necessary. We had to go back to our breeder and give her another $800. Nothing against her, but I would rather just have it in the initial charge.
We ask for a nonrefundable, downpayment of $200, which will be towards the purchase of the puppy. It's. a first come first serve basis.

We love our dogs and will love every puppy the same. Our goal and desire is to find the perfect family that will give them as much love as they are used to. I also would like to discuss living quarters with their prospective new family. You're very welcome to come to our home and see all of the puppies. 

We live one mile outside of Wamego, Kansas. It is very easy to find, I am willing to make proper arrangements to have the puppies delivered if necessary as long as the location is accommodatable within the lower 48 states. I would prefer to not place a puppy on a plane. That sort of situation to me would seem traumatic for a baby puppy. We can make any kind of arrangements, at the new owner's expense.

Chief & Ruby - Bernese Mountain Dogs
17720 Old Post Rd
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Chief & Ruby - Bernese Mountain dogs


We will update you on upcoming puppy availabilities. Fill out our Upcoming Puppy Update Form and we will let you know when there will be puppies available.
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