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Welcome to Chief and Ruby's brand new website. We are proud to be the breeders of Bernese Mountain Dogs. We got our 1st Berner puppy 14 years ago. And had her neutered right away. We were looking for a pet only. We were so surprised at what a wonderful pet she was. We lived in a small mountain town in Colorado. Everyone in town knew Millie. Maybe not us, but, if we said we were Millie's Mom or Dad, then they knew who we were. When the time for her to leave was growing near, we purchased another little female and named her Ruby. It wasn't long before we decided to get a male with the possibility of breeding them. His name was Chief. So here we are. We have 9 little puppies. They are all so adorable, and getting playful. They are only 4 weeks right now. But when the time comes for them to go to their new homes, I just hope the new family, is excited as we were.

Berners can make the most delightful pet, for so many reasons. Their loyalty is to be commended. They are very intelligent, lovable, and playful, and learn to become part of your family very quickly. Our male and female are both registered members of AKC. All the puppies will be registered with AKC, in case you want to become members, as well.

Since Berners are so big, they come with a few restrictions. They need room to run and play. They were bred to be workers, so they want to be busy. If you have a small play area, that doesn't count you out. just put some busy, permanent playthings in your yard. Things that hang from trees. It's a chance for you to get creative. But, with a small area, they will need to be walked. An apartment would probably be unsatisfying for both. Leaving the Bernese home alone all day wouldn't go well. They get lonely and miss their master. But I have watched videos of couples who do have them in an apartment.



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1st DHPP Vaccination

A Physical Check-up by a Licensed Vet

2 Kinds of Deworming

Puppy Starting Food & Toy

Puppy Care Information





    DOB: MAY 2018
    Sophie is the sweetest and most loving girl. She also has a silly side to her and makes us laugh constantly. We already had a 3-year-old Cockapoo Ellie who Sophie is now attached to at the hip. Every time we take her on walks people constantly stop us to ask what breed is and they always compliment us on what great personality she has and also that she has a beautiful coat. We truly can’t thank you enough! Sophie has been the greatest addition to our family!
    - Aziza
  • FINN

    HEIGHT: 13"
    Finn just hit the 4-month mark and I’ve been told by the vet he is the cutest dog she’s ever seen :). Finn has been the most amazing addition to our little family and has brought nothing but love and laughs into our home. He is the friendliest dog on the planet; he wants to play with every dog he sees and rolls over belly rubs from every stranger we pass. Finn potty trained in just two weeks and learns tricks within minutes (if treats are involved). We can’t go on on a walk without someone asking what breeder Finn from and we always let them know they have to check out Valley Cockapoos! We couldn’t have asked for a more loving puppy, thank you so much!
    - Rachel Parker

    DOB: DECEMBER 18, 2019
    HEIGHT: 15"
    I don’t know what magic you do, but we are so grateful to you: she takes herself potty in her space and outside only; she loves all toys; she only wakes once or twice in the night and goes straight back to sleep; she holds her bladder for ages and then tells us she is ready to go; she adores all people, kids and adults alike, strangers and familiars; she comes when she called; she learns crazy fast (fetch and come are all but mastered today, Day 3!); she adores our dog, Chaucer (who is slowly but surely warming up to her). You are amazing! And, our goal of turning her into a therapy dog is well on the way to coming true.
    - The Booth Family

    Figaro is an excellent dog and has developed a highly intelligent, quirky, prankster personality. We love having him around and could not imagine life without him. Thank you for being an excellent breeder. We have enjoyed working with you.
    - Joe
  • OPIE

    Opie is a wonderful dog and was the perfect addition to our family. Jose and Valley Poos were top notch and a class act. In 5 years Opie has had 0 health issues which we are very grateful for. She is a highly intelligent dog and was able to be potty trained in 1 day. She learned faster than our kids! She is also an extremely lovable and patient dog. Our children have grown up with her for 5 years and are now 10 and 8. Our son would often be pretty physical with Opie as little kids can with puppies and dogs. Never once has Opie been aggressive or bitten our kids or anybody. She and Valley Poos made our family complete. In fact, we decided to get another Cockapoo 5 years later from Jose. We are very grateful for all the work he has done in raising such great dogs. He has brought a lot of joy to our family’s lives.
    - Matthew Griffith
  • GARY

    We just wanted to reach out and let you know how happy we are with our puppy! We picked up our boy from you last August and he has been the best addition to our family. Gary Huckleberry Marrs was SO easy to potty train, loves dogs and all people, and is the very sweetest boy. He’s a very good eater and at 10 months old he is 14” tall and 24 pounds! Thank you again!
    - Spencer Marrs

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